Minut multi-sensor and app.

AS privacy fears around the use of CCTV cameras in smart home applications grow, the connected smart home market is rediscovering and repackaging the passive infrared sensor.

The Minut solution is built around a single device incorporating a PIR, a glass break sensor, a smoke sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and an audio sensor. Clever software analyses inputs to inform users of changes and potential threats in their environment. But the most interesting aspect of Minut is the marketing spiel.

“Minut is a new way to secure your home without sacrificing privacy,” says the Sweden-based company. “No cameras.”

On the PIR side, Minut keeps track of the number of motion events that occur. If the alarm is activated and a motion event occurs, an instant notification will be sent. Even if the alarm is turned off users can monitor the motion levels around the device. The device also monitors the sound level of the environment it’s in. In the app, users can set custom thresholds, so if the volume ever goes above a pre-set decibel level, notifications are sent to a phone.

Minut monitors the temperature in an environment and alerts users to any increases and drops. Users can set custom high and low temperature levels, and if the environment goes above or below them, users will be notified instantly. This feature has alerted people to potentially dangerous situations such as leaving the oven on, an AC malfunction, or leaving a window open. Users can also monitor the humidity levels via the Minut app, a feature that can alert users to potential threats, such as leaving a tap on or flooding.

The in-built sound recognition in Minut can detect other alarms going off in a home. If users have a smoke, CO2 or radon detector installed and it activates, Minut will pick up its alert tone and instantly notify the potential threat. Through the combination of monitoring the temperature and humidity in the environment, Minut can also analyse the risk of mold growing and send alerts.

Users can also create a trusted network of friends and family to safeguard a home if an alarm activates and no one is home.

Minute has also released a new nightlight feature, which can be set to activate on movement, scheduled to activate at particular times, or turned off.

The unit has magnetic mounting plate that can be stuck or screwed to the ceiling. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also easy to take with you when you move. Minut typically has a 6-month battery life, dependant on the environment it’s within and the number of alerts it needs to send.

To charge Minut, users remove the device from its magnetic mounting plate and charge via the included USB-C cable. Fully charging the device takes around 5 hours, then the unit is reinstalled on the ceiling.

While Minut is not designed for professional installers or monitoring providers, there are some design qualities security manufacturers should pay attention to, including clever software analysis of multiple sensor inputs, complex notifications and reporting, and a USB-C rechargeable battery.