Fred Law (Wondai Lions), senior constable Sue Stevens, Cr Ros Heit, Luke Radunz (DataWave) and Daniel Taylor (DataWave).

DataWave Internet will soon complete the Safer Communities CCTV solution for the Queensland town of Wondai.

Wondai Lions Club, supported by CCTV Consulting Services’ Doug Grant, successfully applied for a $A217,000 grant from Round 3 of the Federal Government’s Safer Communities Fund, which is funded by proceeds from crime.

Wondai-based business DataWave Internet has undertaken the installation and there will be 33 cameras in about 20 locations throughout Wondai, with footage streamed to Wondai Police Station for monitoring and storage. System capabilities include LPR, which will be used to spot stolen cars.

The Wondai CCTV solution is Hikvision and hardware includes PTZ and fixed cameras, with the added security of integrated ANPR enterprise connectivity with surrounding communities that also have this technology installed to track vehicle registration. Facial recognition technology with cameras located at appropriate sites will enable Wondai police to gather information from individuals who are causing problems in the town.

According to Doug Grant of CCTV Consulting Services, Ness and Hikvision have added value to the system design and have been there when support was required. Grant said many of the council buildings have been used as transmission points with high bandwidth links incorporated.

Prior to installation, there was extensive liaising between CCTV Consulting Services, the Lions Club and Wondai Police on sourcing the best supplier and planning the optimal location for the cameras.

According to Grant, right from the beginning Wondai’s CCTV solution was a collaborative effort.

“This project has taken over 2 years of funding applications by The Lions Club and CCTV Consulting Services, before we succeeded with Round 3 of Safer Communities,” Grant said. “Local Police and Council have assisted greatly in making the job much easier.”

Local councillor Ros Heit said the community hoped the system would deter wrongdoers from committing crimes.

“I’m really excited about this new security system which will help residents feel and be a lot safer,” councillor Heit said.

Police are also pleased with the system.

“This is a fantastic initiative and great result for all involved in this project,” officer-in-charge of Wondai Police, Sergeant Brad Fewtrell, said.

“This system will afford greater community confidence in allowing the police to not only utilise the system in reactive policing strategies but also as a crime prevention measure.”