SALTO’S XS4 BLUEnet lock range is now compatible with SALTO’s cloud-based wireless access control system, SALTO Keys As a Service (KS).

The range includes the stylish and compact XS4 Mini and revolutionary XS4 One. The wireless communication technology behind BLE connected locks is called ‘BLUEnet’ with advantages such as:

– Avoidance of WiFi interference, as the connection between the locks and IQ is now BLE and has the ability to auto-negotiate. The IQ is the central hub of the SALTO KS system, connecting SALTO wireless locks to the cloud. It receives all changes and settings from the KS application and ensures that locks are updated within seconds

– A full range of locks being Mobile Key compatible: you can use your smartphones as a tag to open the lock

– SALTO locks can now store 360 offline access keys versus 39 with RFnet locks.

SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a wired electronic product.

Distributor: Salto
Contact: 61 3 8683 9782