EOS is launching the all-new Hanwha Wisenet P Series AI Cameras. Wisenet P series AI cameras are able to dramatically help improve operator efficiency by differentiating what it sees into broad categories such as person, face, vehicle and licence plate.

Wisenet AI algorithms are accurately able to identify the different attributes of the objects within the camera’s field of view which is then saved as metadata alongside the captured footage. Wisenet P series AI cameras have 12V DC output to power the other sensor devices, eliminating the need for additional power supply.

The Wisenet P series provides an enhanced surveillance system by producing outstanding 4K picture clarity so you can observe the finest of details. During quieter times, especially at night, digital auto tracking can be used to detect moving objects. Ideal for tracking movement in low traffic areas, such as parks and squares at night. Wisenet P series supports Defocus Detection, which helps to identify when an image is out of focus and significantly improves efficiency.

Wisenet P’s WiseStream compression can reduce bandwidth by 50 per cent using dynamic technology, and, when combined with high efficiency video coding (H.265), the bandwidth efficiency can be improved by up to 75 per cent compared to current H.264 technology. WiseStream dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. As a result, the bandwidth and storage requirements of the 12MP resolution images captured by Wisenet P cameras are significantly reduced.

The true WDR function built into the Wisenet P series provides an enhanced picture quality, by reducing motion blur and processing clearer images. P-Iris optimises the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene, resulting in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. This optimisation of the resolution at both the centre and corner of the image, as well as depth of field and shutter speed, provide increased image sharpness especially effective in megapixel cameras.

Features of Wisenet P Cameras include:

* Motion Detection
* Tampering Detection
* Defocus Detection
* Heat-mapping
* Hallway View
* Digital Auto Tracking.

Distributor: EOS Australia Pty Ltd
Contact: 02 9749 5888