Multipath-IP T4000 Lite from Inner Range.

NEW Multipath-IP T4000 Lite includes all the highly advanced features as the original T4000 but is now in an incredibly small form factor packing additional inputs and outputs. Best of all, the T4000 Lite can easily be retrofitted into an existing battery-backed alarm system.

Connecting to the IR smartphone apps which provide push notification services, the T4000 Lite is bundled with a dual 4G SIM card on the Telstra and Optus networks, providing an additional layer of security if one network was to go down.

The SkyCommand app allows the end user to control 3 built-in outputs which can be programmed to control areas in an alarm panel. The T4000 Lite also provides a communication path for upload/download programming of many popular alarm systems on the market over the GSM network.

Distributor: Central Security Distribution
Contact: 1300 319 499