12V DC busbar and connectors.

Would you recommend using 12V busbars when installing alarm systems?

A: The ‘bus’ in busbar comes from ‘omnibus’, which is a Latin word translating to ‘for all’. In the case of busbars, the ‘for all’ describes the way a busbar carries all the currents required in an overarching system and does so more flexibly and easily than cabling multiple devices separately from one power source. Currents arrive at the earthed bus bar on a single high amp cable and local devices are then cabled off the bar using thinner wire and device-appropriate fuses.

While all this is well and good in applications where there are multiple 12V systems using one central power source, it’s a bit harder to justify when all you are doing is powering an alarm panel with a transformer and backup battery. The times we think a busbar could be useful in security applications would be when you’re powering an alarm panel, lights, 12V chargers, ventilation fans, perhaps a UHF radio and other bits and pieces. This would be more applicable in a remote application on a large site.