Cloud-based alarm and access control provider Brivo, which is distributed locally by Eagle Eye Networks Australia, has acquired Parakeet Technologies, a manufacturer of smart building solutions, including sensors, thermostats, wireless locks and lighting controls.

The acquisition will accelerate Brivo’s push to enhance its in-building capabilities beyond its current access control, video and security solutions, according to the company.

Brivo and Parakeet were already partners and a deeper integration between the products, including a common user interface, unified billing and bundled services, is now planned.

“We saw Parakeet’s IoT platform as an ideal way to quickly bring smart office capabilities to our channel partners and end users,” said Steve Van Till, president and CEO of Brivo.

“Parakeet has a great track record of providing highly reliable remote management to widely dispersed properties, and they share our core values around customer service, cyber security, and innovation.”

Parakeet leverages Cloud services, mobile apps and an on-premise IoT gateway to provide connectivity to Z-wave sensors, locks, thermostats, lighting and other devices. Internet connectivity to the gateway is supported via Wi-Fi, ethernet or an integrated cellular modem with a built-in service plan.

Parakeet’s web app is said to enables property managers and security personnel to manage smart building infrastructure from one central dashboard, while collecting data to track, monitor and manage staff.