ADT U.S. says the company expects to spend between $US100 million and $150 million this year swapping out 3G communicators and replacing them with 4G.

ADT is the largest security company in the United States, serving over 8 million customers and holding more than 25 per cent of the residential market and around 13 per cent of the small business market in the US. ADT has 6 monitoring stations in the U.S. and monitors millions of wired and wireless alarm communicators.

“We’ve kind of gotten through most of our experimentation in 2019,” said ADT’s Don Young. “The lessons that we’ve learned is there’s opportunities both on revenue offsets as well as some technology.

“We’re going to approach 2020 a little bit on the high end of our $100 million to $150 million range, but that’s on purpose to go in and be intentionally pragmatic and conservative,” he says.

He said the company plans to be more proactive in its radio communicator swaps in 2020.

“We’re feeling very comfortable that by the 2022 sunset/AT&T sunset we’re on track,” he notes.

America’s 3G sunset is running around 2 years ahead of Australia’s. Telstra said recently it would shut down its 3G network in June 2024 and repurpose its bandwidth to support 4G and 5G.

At the time an Optus spokesperson said the company had not determined an end date for its 3G network but given the Optus 2G sunset was around 12 months after Telstra, a closure of 2025 is a realistic expectation for security installers.