From the moment a Wisenet7 lineup camera (check out video here!) is connected to the network, secure boot blocks prevent unauthorised attempts to gain access to the camera’s firmware, whilst signed software prevents the intrusion and booting of malicious firmware.

The new Wisenet7 lineup offers a high level of cybersecurity by utilising an operating system (OS) which securely processes data and prevents hardware cloning, whilst the use of Crypto acceleration greatly increases the speed of encryption.

At the heart of the new Wisenet7 lineup is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine which can detect and classify people and vehicles in real-time.

Wisenet7 lineup is designed to capture the varying attributes of a large number of objects, including people, vehicles, faces and license plates. This enable operators to use AI applications running on a back-end server, to more accurately search for and analyse the information they need. It can also significantly reduce false alarms caused by waving trees, video noise and even moving shadows.

Wisenet7 series lineup is able to capture superb ultra-high definition 4K resolution images and feature enhanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to produce clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas which normally results in overexposed or underexposed images.

The cameras are also equipped with Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) as well as Hanwha Techwin’s propriety low light noise reduction technology which significantly reduces motion artefacts, to ensure crisp and sharp images are captured in low-light conditions. See the video here.