Norman and Ronnie Rotakin have been telling people in Surry Hills to "bloody get back inside, you idiots."

Security Electronics & Networks Magazine and its digital platforms, including SEN magazine SEN website, SEN EDM and the new SEN Access, Alarms & Automation EDM slated for release in May, will continue to be published throughout the COVID-19 crisis, keeping readers informed of the latest challenges and solutions.

“Suppliers and integrators with products, solutions and tips that might assist installers, integrators and end users get through the challenges ahead, are encouraged to send information to [email protected],” said SEN’s Monique Keatinge.

SEN will also undertake to amplify any calls for assistance from businesses seeking material or manpower support of any kind – if you run into challenges let us know and we will rally industry support through our channels, including B2B social media,” Keatinge said. “We prioritise installers and integrators, so if you run short of stock, cabling, boots on the ground, be sure to let us know.”

According to Keatinge it’s vital security people take care of themselves and their teams.

“I urge everyone in the electronic security industry – including customers – to take care of themselves, to follow health guidelines, including avoiding close contact with other people, and to work remotely where possible. C19 is life-threatening and we want to see you all after this outbreak is brought under control, which it will be. Researchers say that if 80 per cent of the Australian population isolates the outbreak will be over by July.

“I also urge everybody to maintain lines of communication between themselves and their business and customers – don’t go dark – the security industry’s entire reason for being is to respond to crises by empowering security and emergency services teams through technology and this is what we must continue to do.

“Whether we realise it or not, security people are critical to the management and protection of hundreds of thousands of sites across the country. This responsibility has not gone away – instead the security function has become more critical than ever before.”

According to Keatinge, the decision to keep SEN running was not unanimous.

“There were issues with Norman wanting to flee to the countryside as part of some sort of doomsday prepper thing he picked up watching Contagion on NetFlix,” Keatinge said. “And Ronnie Rotakin got all wound up over the risks of carrying the virus on his cardboard box and wanted to migrate to New Zealand, where he said “politicians are sensible”.

“Even SEN’s editor had wild fantasies of going sailing for the next 3 months to focus on ‘planning’ but I quickly put the kybosh on that.”