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Standards Australia has finalised adoption of the IEC 60839 series for access control, covering recognition requirements, design, display, signalling and testing.

The standard will be known as AS/NZS IEC 60839.11.1:2019 and IEC 60839.11.1:2013 (Part 11.1: Electronic access control systems – System and components; Part 11.1: Electronic access control systems – Application Guidelines).

The new access control standard specifies the minimum functionality, performance and test methods for electronic access control systems and components and defines different security grades and the functionalities of the access system associated with each of these grades.

The standard comprises the following:

* A conceptual model and system architecture
* Criteria covering:

Classification based on performance functionalities and capabilities
Access point interface requirements
Indication and annunciation requirements (display, alert, logging)
Duress signalling and overriding
Recognition requirements
System self-protection requirements
Communication between the component parts of the electronic access control system and with other systems.

* Requirements for environmental conditions (indoor/outdoor use) and electromagnetic compatibility
* Test methods.