Programmed Facility Management, on behalf of Building Management and Works and Department of Justice (Custodial) in Western Australia, is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to undertake electronic security system preventative maintenance and breakdown repair services at nominated Department of Justice Custodial Facilities.

Electronic security systems include, but are not limited to, the following components:

* CCTV field hardware such as cameras, lenses, PTZ head/mechanisms, PTZ site receivers, washer/wiper units, housing heaters, fibre transmission equipment, surge diverters and power supplies

*CCTV central equipment such as monitors, CCTV keyboards, workstation/server machines, stand-alone DVR/NVR recorders, mimic panels, patch panels, analogue matrix switchers and associated hardware, encoders, network equipment and associated power supplies

* Perimeter detection system field hardware such as data gathering panels, network termination units, transceiver modules, control units, pulsed infrared beam systems, microwave detection systems, passive infrared detectors, fibre transmission equipment, surge diverters and power supplies

*Security management system elements such as workstation/server machines, network equipment, fibre transmission equipment and power supplies.

* Power distribution system elements such as uninterruptible power supplies, lead cid batteries and associated chargers, power distribution units, switchboards, surge diverters and low voltage power supplies

* Duress system elements such as fixed duress buttons and associated field hardware, mobile duress elements including transponders, receivers, terminal servers, personal transmitters, network equipment and power supplies

* Cell intercom system elements such as workstation/servers, audio voice recorders, handsets/microphones, field hardware, intercom devices, network equipment and power supplies

* Public address system elements such as workstations/servers, call panels, handsets, interfaces with external systems, amplifiers, speakers and power supplies

* Security field hardware such as passive infra-red detectors, photo electric beams, microwave detectors, reed switches, card readers, electric locks, electric strikes, door release panels, data gathering panels and power supplies

This tender closes April 16, 2020.