No more drilling impenetrable concrete to install cameras.

Seadan Security has brought a new use to the camera conduit box, making tough masonry or concrete installations faster.

Seadan Security has exclusively designed for its UNV range of cameras, a water-resistant modified camera junction box which is easily screwed directly onto a conduit box. This simple yet effective product totally eliminates the need for a drill, saving the installer time and the hassle of mounting a CCTV camera directly onto a concrete or masonry wall.

Installation couldn’t be simpler. Once the lid of the conduit box has been removed, the camera junction box is screwed directly on top of the conduit box using the screws provided. Any excess cable is easily coiled inside the housing, ensuring that the entire assembly is vandal proof, as there are no exposed cables.”

“Have you ever come across a product and said to yourself, ‘I honestly can’t believe that no one has thought of this before’?” asks Seadan’s Stan Asenberger. “If this isn’t a contender, I don’t know what is!

“There are 8 different sizes in total spanning most of Seadan’s UNV range – to find out which junction box goes with each UNV camera series, be sure to contact your local Seadan store directly here,” says Asenberger.

“Alternatively, to see a simple product demonstration you can easily visit the Seadan Facebook page here.”