VICSES team member at SES Wodonga.

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is seeking a physical security information management system (access and monitoring) security solution, and an integrator to install it, for 162 sites around the state.

The PSIM delivered must establish a standardised approach to guide the direction of any future security systems/equipment upgrades and/or new security system/ equipment installations at the various SES premises.

It must also act as the central control security system that allows connectivity with the security systems and equipment across all (to the extent applicable) SES premises (13 SES offices and 149 volunteer units).

The PSIM chosen will provide the option for centralised management, monitoring, coordination and control of the various electronic security systems located across any of the SES premises that integrate their security systems into the central security system.

The new PSIM must be scalable and flexible to provide maximum compatibility with the various types of incumbent security systems/equipment already installed at SES premises (to the largest extent possible), and must not create an environment that severely restricts the type of equipment (or suppliers of equipment).

The PSIM must create a centralised security system environment that does not create an operational or financial impost through establishing the need for each SES premises, regardless of size, operational functions or location, to undertake extensive electronic security equipment or installation upgrades.

In addition to the above core services, the security integrator selected to handle the work will be provided the opportunity to supply and install various security systems and equipment including CCTV and ACID database solutions (optimised for atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) for SES premises, where a need for improved security equipment is defined by operational requirements.

In order to achieve the solution required, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is seeking responses from suitably qualified organisations for the provision of this PSIM-empowered security solution.

This tender closes on May 26 and you can register for downloads here.