Pierre Racz addresses Genetec Connect DX online expo.

Pierre Racz has told delegates attending Genetec Connect DX online expo during the week that AI will not take over from humans.

According to Racz, while useful, the latest AI solutions have the processing capabilities of an earthworm, are prone to generalisations, and are reliant, and will remain reliant for decades, on human oversight and judgement.

In his keynote address, Racz said there was currently no global governance around AI, and it was vital that automated or robotic solutions be embedded with the digital equivalent of humanistic principles by their designers to ensure no human was harmed by their operations.

Racz also pointed out that unrealistic ideas around AI meant user expectations had outstripped the technology’s ability to deliver and this was likely to lead to operational disappointment.

Genetec’s Connect DX online expo, looking at Genetec and partner solutions, incorporated 10 hours of live presentations, 30 hours of on-demand video and 3 hours of technical training. Live presentations from April 20-22 are now archived in Sessions, so if you missed something during the week, you can run it again when convenient.

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