Craig Cobbin, Pelco.

Pelco’s Craig Cobbin reports that Inner Range has released an updated HLI supporting integrations between Integriti and Pelco VideoXpert VMS.

“The updated HLI provides integration to VideoXpert 3.0 and onwards versions, and provides extensive functionality, including live and archived streaming of video from CCTV cameras into the Integriti client, display of live or archived footage automatically when an event occurs in the Integriti system and association of cameras with entities in integrity,” Cobbin said.

“Associated CCTV footage can be directly accessed and viewed via an event in integrity, it’s possible to manage PTZ cameras, zoom and focus bullet cameras and trigger CCTV commands in CCTV from Integriti. Most importantly from a management point of view, cameras can be added to schematic maps in Integriti and directly viewed and controlled from the schematic, with each camera’s state immediately visible.

“There’s also time sync between CCTV and Integriti, the ability to log events/alarms in CCTV to Integriti, the ability to trigger events to occur in Integriti when event alarms are received from CCTV cameras, the ability to automatically generate and restore alerts associated with a camera when they are received from CCTV system and much, much more.”