Performance standards will make selecting the best cameras easier.

On April 23 the new Australian CCTV/VSS standards were released, covering video surveillance system requirements, transmission protocols, camera performance, application guidelines and more.

The standards were adopted from IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards with the same titles after a lengthy process carried almost entirely by a voluntary team comprising Les Simmonds, Vlado Damjanovski and Olly D’Souza.

The new standards are:

AS/NZS 62676 Part 1-1: System requirements – General

AS/NZS 62676 Part 1-2: System requirements – Performance requirements for video transmission

AS/NZS 62676 Part 2-1: Video transmission protocols – General requirements

AS/NZS 62676 Part 2-2: Video transmission protocols – IP interoperability implementation based on HTTP and REST services

AS/NZS 62676 Part 3: Analog and digital video interfaces

AS/NZS 62676 Part 4: Application guidelines

AS/NZS 62676 Part 5: Data specifications and image quality performance for camera devices.