Saab Australia has signed a contract with the Sydney Opera House Trust to deliver a new integrated security system for the iconic building.

The upgrade will be built around the Saab OneView Physical Security InformationManagement (PSIM) system, developed by Saab in South Australia. OneView will integrate all the security systems for the building, allowing staff to manage operations through a single intuitive interface.

“Saab Australia is proud to have been selected for the upgrade of the security systems in the Sydney Opera House with our OneView solution,” said Andy Keough, managing director Saab Australia. “Saab has over 40 OneView installations in major infrastructure across Australia and the team is honoured to add this landmark building to the list.”

Saab Australia will work with the Sydney Opera House team in the design phase to ensure the upgrade provides the best technical solution. All the development work will be undertaken in Australia and utilise local contractors for installation.

The VMS and access control systems to be deployed at the Sydney Opera House have not yet been publically announced but it’s certain they will be selected based on the strength of their integration with Saab OneView.