ICT has announced the release of Protege GX 4.3.285, which comes with new features and enhancements.

These include Fast User Disable, which makes disabling a user record virtually instant, preventing unauthorized parties from continuing to gain access after their record has been disabled at the server (requires controller firmware 2.08.1000).

There’s also integration with Princeton Identity Biometrics, which allows Princeton Identity iris scanners to be implemented with a Protege GX system, providing quick and secure identity verification.

Meanwhile, Compliance Types extend the existing functionality of Credential Types by allowing you to control access to doors based on other requirements – from regulatory certifications to site safety training – to improve compliance on site. Potential applications include:

* Health and Safety Training that users are required to complete periodically.
* Completion of company or job site induction.
* A certain class of driver’s license or vehicle certification.
* Industry Training certificates or qualifications.
* Compliance Types can be configured with start and expiry dates, warning periods, user feedback, and hard or soft failure, making this a flexible feature that can meet a range of site-specific requirements.

Other features include Saving Report Layouts, Custom Field Select in Report Setup and Multiple Download Servers.

Manufacturer: ICT
Contact: 1800 428 111