has released a new Image Sensor Version 3 model, the ADC-IS-300-LP-B13, which is now available from BGW Technologies.

This sensor is compatible with the DSC IMPASSA panel with communicator, DSC PowerSeries NEO panel with Communicator and Qolsys IQ Panel 2 with Image Sensor Daughterboard plus the IMAGES service plans.

The Image Sensor, ADC-IS-300-LP-B13, delivers smarter security with instant visual verification of alarms and increased engagement through on-demand views. This latest model has been redesigned to deliver higher resolution images, improved night vision and a wider field of view.

The ADC-IS-300-LP-B13 image sensor offers:

• 10.6meters detection range with a 90-degree horizontal FOV
• Remotely configurable PIR sensitivity
• Easy installation; simple panel enrolment, no broadband required, no router configuration and Tri-colour LED
• Battery powered
• Tamper detection, walk test mode and supervision
• Colour images and night vision IR illumination plus black and white Images
• Wireless image transmission to panel
• Wireless image transmission to via cellular networks

Stock is available From June 2020.

Distributor: BGW Technologies
Contact: 61 2 9674 4255