Amazon fulfilment centres across U.S. at breaking point as online retail surges during COVID crisis.

Amazon in the U.S. has purchased 1500 BTM camera solutions from Dahua in a deal worth $US10 million in a bid to protect staff and its overstretched operations.

Amazon said the BTM system temperature checks were to “support the health and safety of our employees, who continue to provide a critical service in our communities”.

The coronavirus has infected staff from 50 Amazon warehouses and the company said BTM checks helped Amazon stay operational by allowing faster, no-touch temperature reading during security check-ins.

Dahua’s BTM solution, which can be used standalone or integrated into a VMS solution, incorporates a thermal and an optical camera, and is able to link faces with BTM alerts in real time, allowing security and healthcare teams to re-test subjects showing an elevated temperature.

Rachael Lightly, an Amazon spokesperson, said recently the company had “taken significant preventative measures to keep people safe,” such as performing temperature checks, deep cleaning its warehouses, implementing social-distancing rules and distributing masks to all its sites. Amazon is also reported to be testing a “disinfectant fog” at its Staten Island facility.