Wyndham City Council is seeking a solar CCTV solution for the Lawrie Emmins motocross track at Laverton, in Victoria.

Track shaping is forecast to commence in May 2020 and council is seeking quotes from suitably qualified and experienced CCTV suppliers to install, test, commission, deliver training, monitor and maintain CCTV for the motocross site.

Tenderers are expected to understand this open space, the onsite amenities and the site encumbrances sought to be addressed with the implementation of a CCTV monitoring system.

Council expects the CCTV system, once installed to deliver a positive contribution to emergency management and see improved community safety and a reduction in illegal access and antisocial behaviours, while giving the community a sense of confidence, that the appropriate security measures implemented, sees immediate results in acting as both a deterrent, delivers greater oversight and crime prevention for the site.

The CCTV infrastructure sought forms part of a wider network of security measures proposed for adoption on the site. Council is seeking a standalone, solar-powered system capable of monitoring a large footprint seeing continuous monitoring during operational times and out of hours when the site is unmanned. The CCTV supplier must be able to demonstrate a state-of-the-art solution coupled with real time responsive monitoring.

The term of the contract is 2 years with 3, 12-month extension options up to a total contract term of 5 years, with the potential to novate at any time during the contract term to the licensed operator of the Lawrie Emmins Motocross site.

A state of emergency was declared in Victoria on 16 March 2020 to manage coronavirus (COVID-19) at the time of releasing this RFQ, a direction is in place by the chief health officer to keep Victorians safe. The restricted activity directions (No 4) require social distancing, a site visit can be arranged by appointment for the quoter(s) to ascertain a full appreciation of the site, further information is provided within the Part 4 RFQ documentation package.

The tender closes on May 27 – you can find out more by registering here.