Ava’s BQT Solutions has just received a $A2.4m order from the Australian Department of Defence for its high-security, custom-encrypted, access control technology, for deployment across defence facilities and bases located all around Australia.

Fulfilment of the order will progress rapidly, with the first of many batches of systems expected to be shipped in May 20 and the last shipped in December 2020, with the upgrade process completed in 2021.

“Receiving this order today from the Department of Defence for our BQT Solutions access control technology is excellent news,” Ava Group CEO Scott Basham said. “BQT Solutions has had an enduring relationship with the our military, and has long been a provider of choice for advanced mission-critical technology solutions to protect vital national infrastructure.

“This order also reflects the success of our efforts to focus on wining more strategic program sales with major government agencies and corporate entities all around the world. When you look at the type and nature of the organisations who choose Ava’s technologies, you can immediately tell that we operate at the serious end of the security spectrum.”