Pelco Sarix Ti thermal camera.

The announcement Australian businesses must turn away people with flu symptoms underscores the value of body temperature measurement solutions, supported by medical procedures, to protect staff and the public during the COVID-19 crisis.

Australia’s chief medical officer Professor Brendan Murphy said he would “protect” and “defend” any employer or business owner who refused entry to the visibly sick during the coronavirus pandemic.

“If one of your colleagues or an employee or a client turns up, you have every right to say, go away, I am not going to let you in, I am not going to treat you … unless you’re a doctor, of course,” Professor Murphy said.

Prof Murphy said people needed to take responsibility for their own actions and change the “mentality” of pushing through an illness.

“Everyone has to practise staying at home when you are unwell,” he said. “All of us over our lives have been, on occasions, wanting to soldier on with a cold and a flu-like illness. We cannot do that anymore.”