HID Origo integrated with Inner Range integriti control panel.

HID Origo with Integriti Version 20 gives Inner Range integrators and end users the ability to create or edit users within Integriti and then automatically issue mobile credentials which can be used to unlock doors using a smart phone or smart watch anywhere HID mobile-enabled readers are installed.

Inner Range has taken the step of doing this integration inhouse to ensure that all our customers can take advantage of the benefits offered by HID Origo with the least amount of effort.

“To ensure our customers installations can be fitted with the latest technology it is essential that we keep offering integrations such as this one to HID Origo,” said Mark Cunnington, senior vice president of Security.

“All our integrations, including this one, are extremely user friendly and I am proud to say that our R&D team has delivered on that promise.”

Sites which have compatible readers and implement this integration will be able to seamlessly manage mobile access credentials for Integriti across the globe. This will take away the headaches associated with lost or forgotten cards, short term access for tradespeople and visitors as well as give administrators the ability to instantly deny access to dismissed employees or other people deemed to be a risk.

According to Steve Mitchell, product development manager at Inner Range, the R&D team could see definite advantages with the HID Origo integration.

“We prioritised this project to ensure this great innovation could get to market as quickly as possible,” Mitchell said. “We will keep working tirelessly to ensure Integriti is the most innovative access and security platform in the world.”

With ease of use being fundamental for end users, the interface is designed as simply as possible. To add a new card holder, it’s as easy as the administrator adding a standard user through the Inner Range software then selecting the relevant cloud credential and the task is done. The rest of the work, like activating the credential on the HID Origo cloud, or emailing an invitation to a new cardholder, is then undertaken in the background with no further intervention required by the administrator.