Satel’s PERFECTA 16, PERFECTA 32, PERFECTA 32 LTE and PERFECTA-T 32 control panels are now available from Security Distributors Australia.

These alarm panels allow installers to create a traditional hard-wired system, while the PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL LTE and PERFECTA-T 32-WRL panels, support 433Mhz wireless or hybrid installations.

Expanders for both zones and outputs can be connected to the control panel, thus increasing the number of supported devices. This is a simple and reliable way to quickly expand your system. Direct access to all service mode functions of the control panel is possible from the keypad. And installers can also configure the system by using the PERFECTA Soft programme.

Features include 2 partitions in 3 modes – full, night and day – providing enhanced configuration options, characteristic of more advanced installations, for the entire system. The keypad includes buttons for quick activation of the full, night and day arming modes, as required, as well as for triggering of the fire, aux and panic alarms.

The built-in 433 MHz radio module enables encrypted, 2-way wireless communication with the PRF-LCD-WRL keypads and MSP-300 R sirens, offering full functionality of the wired devices, while Satel’s MPT-350 keyfob with an operating range of up to 400m is suited to remote operation of control panels with the WRL extension. It has 5 buttons enabling up to 6 individually programmed functions to be run. In the case of a control panel having no radio module, you can just add the INT-RX-S expander to the system to be able to enjoy the remote keyfob control.

Control of the alarm system by using mobile devices allows users to control the system and to check status of partitions, zones and outputs. It also allows you to view current troubles and all events in the system.

PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels have an integrated voice messaging module, offering the possibility to define 16 messages. There is also a module on the control panel mainboard, which enables communication via mobile network supporting 2 SIM cards, which provides additional security in case of signal loss.

This module makes it possible to monitor events to stations via mobile data transmission, SMS and audio channel. Each of these methods can be used independently of the others; it is also possible to define the priority of their activation.

PERFECTA-T control panels have a built-in PSTN telephone dialer, which can be used to perform event reporting, voice messaging as well as audio alarm verification (listening to the sounds from a protected facility).

In the case of PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels, the rich functionality of the PERFECTA CONTROL application and PERFECTA Soft program can be used safely through the SATEL connection setup service. It provides encrypted communication without the need to have an external IP address or carry out actions related to advanced network configuration.

Distributor: Security Distributors Australia
Contact: 1300 882 101