SCSI's Duress Watch delivers alerts to local staff and monitoring services.

SCSI’s Duress Watch is a smart wearable duress system designed specifically for sites such as large corporations like banks, as well as any location where the threat to staff is probable or common.

Duress Watch operates and looks just like any other smart watch. It’s only when any level of duress alarm is activated that other staff in the location will receive a notification a team member requires assistance.

Events are sent to a monitoring centre for appropriate action including audio/GPS detail. According to SCSI, Direct Connect and Duress Watch units are pre-programmed, ready for use, and include easy to follow user guides and web management portals.

Direct Connect provides end-to-end secure high-speed 4G VPN network connections that can be utilised for secure communications between IP devices such as CCTV, access control systems or any IP device requiring secure remote access where no wired networks are available or where bandwidth restrictions limit functionality.