Dahua’s PoE DH-TPC-BF3221-T thermal hybrid bullet camera features 256 x 192-pixel VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology, with a high thermal sensitivity of <50mK, a focus free athermalized lens with a focal length of 7mm and an operating distance of 3 metres.

The camera features body temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.3C in the presence of an adjacent blackbody set at 35 degrees. This hybrid camera includes a 1/2.8-inch 2MP progressive scan Sony CMOS, with region of interest, motion detection and colour palettes, active deterrence with white light and siren, 2 alarm inputs and outputs, MicroSD memory and IP67 rating.

I got a demo of Dahua’s body temperature management solution with Simon Cao, who pointed out that Dahua’s PoE DH-TPC-BF3221-T thermal hybrid bullet camera is designed to help end users in many applications detect high body temperatures that might indicate COVID-19 infection.

The BTM station is set up at the Dahua office in Artarmon and it’s quite compact – a camera on a tripod, a thermal blackbody (zero reflectance surface for more high precision calibration), an NVR and a laptop to display thermal and optical images. There’s no need for the system to be connected to a network and the camera could drive an audible or visual alarm with no display.

Simon Cao, Dahua Technologies.

Setup is modular and very simple, and Cao says commissioning takes about an hour. To test the ability of the camera to detect high temperatures we use a tumbler of hot water. What’s interesting is the way the system ignores this wherever it is in the scene until Cao holds it adjacent to his face – then the audible alarm and siren go off, allowing security and/or medical teams to assist the possible patient.

My first impressions are of the simple effectiveness of operation and the speed of detection, along with the intuitive nature of Dahua’s interface. We’re going to see solutions like this everywhere over the next couple of years – supported by medical procedures, their ability to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread is beyond question.

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