ASSA ABLOY Code Handle.

Code Handle is a simple, secure, easy-to-fit handle with a built-in PIN-pad that locks doors for you — with no wiring, no expensive access control system, no cumbersome keys and no major changes to current doors.

Code Handle works with an electronic PIN code to make sure only authorised people, like staff, can unlock the door. Press a 4-digit code on the handle’s keypad and the door opens.

For busy doors, chasing up keys becomes a full-time job. The solution is the simple, affordable Code Handle. You’ll receive a Master Code and up to 9 different user PINs. Code Handle locks itself when you close the door.

Upgrading doors is a snip because Code Handle is easy to install and retrofit. It works together with your existing locking unit: keep the cylinder or lock and only change the handle to a battery-powered Code Handle. All it takes is 2 screws to fit a Code Handle to almost any interior door. No need to cable the door or connect it to the mains. No need to install a complex system.

Contact: ASSA ABLOY Australia +61 3 8574 3888