Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency is seeking a biometrics and security specialist to lead and write a comprehensive report, reviewing the potential uses of biometrics within the Australian Federal Government’s digital identity ecosystem.

The report will also analyse potential options for restricting the usage of biometrics within the ecosystem and the risks and benefits for those options. The report needs to include:

* All current and likely future ways biometrics (including face, voice, fingerprint, gait, device usage rhythm) can be used in Digital Identity ecosystem, including proofing, re-proofing, authentication, and fraud management

* Risks and benefits to restricting biometrics usage on innovation and participation in the ecosystem

* Options for defining biometrics

* Being available for workshops and questions that relate to our development of policy regarding biometrics issues.

Having completed the report, the specialist will need to meet to discuss the task, create a draft and re-draft based on comments.

This tender closes May 24 – you can find out more here and download information regarding the digital identity ecosystem here.