Wyndham Council Depot in Melbourne, Victoria.

An existing standalone security fence around the Wyndham City Council service depot perimeter was suffering from vandalism and frequent false alarms, resulting in the need to turn the fence off.

The Wyndham City Council service depot then experienced repeated, targeted thefts causing significant loss and damage, and making staff feel unsafe.

A phased upgrade of the 800-metre perimeter fence was undertaken, upgrading the targeted areas first. Most of the existing 33-wire Gallagher monitored pulse fence was completely replaced and broken up into 6 zones connected to an F-Series Fence Controller, which makes monitoring and responding to alarms easier.

Concrete jersey barriers with Gallagher monitored pulse fencing on top were installed along the back fence-line to prevent vehicles from driving through the fence. The perimeter is now fully protected as the monitored pulse fence both deters and detects attempts to climb or tamper with the fence.

Gallagher F Series Controller.

Wyndham City Council reports that the team has seen the value of maintaining its perimeter fencing and couldn’t be happier with the result of the upgrade. In the 8 months following the upgrade they had no break ins and did not need to employ security officers.

“The return on investment from this upgrade is huge when you consider the theft and damage related expenses we were dealing with, and it’s given our staff peace of mind. They now feel safe on site and that’s priceless,” said a Wyndham City Council spokesperson.