Canberra Airport BTM Screening - image from Canberra Times.

Sapio has added thermal cameras to detect people with high temperatures passing through Canberra Airport so they can be encouraged to seek medical assistance at a nursing station.

The new cameras have been installed above the airport’s security X-ray belt and measure the temperature of passengers passing through to the departure lounge. If high temperature is detected, passengers are directed to a nursing station where a second reading is taken using an ear thermometer.

“We want our passengers to fly with confidence, knowing we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety and this new temperature screening system is another step in achieving this,” said Canberra airport’s head of aviation, Michael Thomson.

“Canberra Airport remains open for essential travel, and our passenger’s experience remains our top priority.”

According to Thomson, images taken on the camera would be stored for a limited period and then destroyed but would not be linked to any other personal information. While there’s no confirmation of this, it’s likely the BTM cameras are integrated into the airport’s VMS.

The cameras used at the airport have not been officially announced but an image taken by a SEN reader suggests they are the BTM-T5 solution, which is manufactured by Sunell and distributed locally by EOS Australia and the system was integrated by Sapio.

The BTM cameras at the airport were endorsed by the president of the Australian Medical Association in the ACT, Dr Antonio Di Dio, who called it “responsible and prudent”.