ICT is offering the Trojan Developments range of request and emergency egress devices and mounting accessories.

According to ICT, the Trojan range is functional, practical, reliable, quick and easy to install and is suited to ICT’s access control systems.

The Trojan Touch to Exit Unit is activated with the touch of a finger for fast and easy egress and is ideal for the elderly and disabled. It can replace door release buttons that are in high usage areas or where infection control is important.

The Press to Exit Unit features a large tactile illuminated silicone push button that can be easily pressed and seen in areas of limited lighting. The backlit button and built-in sounder provide visual and audio confirmation of operation.

The Trojan Emergency Exit Unit door release unit can be used on its own or in conjunction with a Press to Exit or Touch to Exit unit for a total access-controlled exit solution. With 2 outputs, one set to break lock power and 1 set for status monitoring, the unit complies with local codes for emergency egress.

Finally, the Emergency Exit Unit with LED Backlighting operates in the same way as the Emergency Exit Unit but also includes LED backlighting, which allows both easy location and greater safety in emergencies involving areas of limited lighting.

Distributor: ICT Australia call 1800 428 111, ICT NZ call 0800 428 111