Cleaning touchscreens, keypads and readers supporting access control and alarm systems is vital as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.

Most important is to implement procedures ensuring staff maintain hand hygiene, including hand washing with soap or high concentration alcohol hand sanitiser on arrival at work and throughout the day. Keypads and touchscreens must be regularly cleaned throughout the day, and the same rules apply for prox readers that contact hand-held access cards.

While IP66/IP67 rated readers can handle streams of water, touch screens and keypads must be cleaned using non-abrasive disposal wipes which can then be discarded. Wearing gloves, disinfect screens using a non-abrasive application method and small circular motions, avoiding the use of bleach, ammonia or high concentration alcohol solutions.

Take special care with older keypads which may not be resistant to fluids migrating under keys and reaching circuit boards. Biometric fingerprint readers will need special care – avoid over-applying disinfectant and when in doubt, contact the distributor or manufacturer.

Products recommended for use against COVID-19 by the Australian Government Department of Health include Aeris Active and Evocide Extra Hospital Grade disinfectant, Clorox disinfecting wipes, Fuzion hospital grade, Germicidal wipes, Glen 20 Hospital Grade, Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser, Oxivir FIVE16, Oxivir Tb and Oxivir Tb Wipes, S-7 XTRA Concentrate, S-7 XTRA RTU-750ml/S-7 XTRA Wipes, Taskforce Commercial Grade Disinfectant, Total 360, Trigene Advance Concentrates/Sterigene Concentrates, Trigene Advance Solution/Sterigene Solution, Virex II (J-flex/J-Fill), Whiteley Industries Viraclean, Zoono Z-71 Germkiller.