Trish Thompson, Gallagher.

Gallagher’s Trish Thompson says the Gallagher team has recently piloted its fully cloud native solution for small business – Co-Pilot.

“This is a first step in re-imagining a future of security solutions that are customer-centric, completely mobilised and focused on placing control and visibility in the customer’s hands,” Thompson said. “This solution requires no installed software, is always on the latest version and allows small business owners to manage every aspect of security from their phone.

“With Co-Pilot we’ve transitioned to access and alarm control that is securely managed from the phone with simple privilege models. Cards are replaced with more secure mobile credentials that can be issued over the air, from anywhere, anytime. Traditional PIN codes and alarm terminals are replaced with standard on-phone authentication, with the alarm terminal screen transferred to the richer user experience of a mobile phone.

“Co-Pilot has been designed to work remotely via the cloud or locally over Bluetooth when an internet connection from the phone isn’t available, so availability is assured,” Thompson said. “This solution introduces a whole new approach to alarms and alarm response. Every relevant piece of information from the moment the first alarm occurs is packaged within a live incident report that can be delivered to anyone in the business. That incident includes everything that’s happening on site, the alarm response from those inside the business and the status of external guard callouts, all in real time.

“Customers can trigger a guard call-out directly, respond themselves or automate the guard response in advance, all from the app. The incident is soon to include pre and post event video from on-site cameras to help customers and responders make a better assessment of what action should be taken.”