Cockburn City Council is seeking supply and installation of artificial intelligence in the form of video analytics to support the city’s Milestone XProtect CCTV system.

Cockburn Central is a suburb of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, and is 24 kilometres south of Perth’s central business district (CBD) along the Kwinana Freeway. Cockburn City Council wants to engage the services of an integration contractor(s) or software developer(s) to supply and install a host of video analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities within the principal’s CCTV network. Attached as Appendix B – is a high-level overview of the principal’s CCTV network.

The specifies of the system functionality is listed within Attachment C – Functional Requirements Matrix of these specifications. The matrix should be read and viewed in conjunction to Appendix D – views of selected cameras and Appendix E – pilot site.

The scope includes:

1. The design, supply, install, test and commissioning of Video Analytics and AI software, initially for up to 30 cameras as described in the attachment 4 – pilot site.

2. Integrate the pilot site video analytics and AI software into the city’s Milestone XProtect VMS federated architecture.

3. 15 hours of paid services (paid by the city) to the city’s CCTV and AI consultant allowing for efficient integration into the city’s CCTV network.

4. Develop system test plans to facilitate the testing and acceptance of the solution as per the functional specifications

5. The provision of ongoing maintenance and support of the deployed solution during the defect and liability period

6. The provision of initial and ongoing training as required for Council staff on the use and operation of the software

7. Project management of the scope of works and coordination with other parties to ensure timely and successful completion of works without interruption to normal business operations

8. Provide sever hardware specification that are required to host the analytics software/s to fully support the required AI deliverables, including but not limited to:

(a) CPU requirements
(b) GPU requirements
(c) RAM requirements
(d) Storage requirements including speed
(e) NIC speed
(f) Operating system
(g) Virtual Environment compatibility
(h) Provide documentation including as-built documentation and software user manuals.

Upon successful completion of the pilot project, the city will continue to roll out a suite of selected AI and video analytics software on existing cameras and future projects in accordance with the specification listed within this document.

A full statement of the services required under the proposed contract appears in Specification

Mandatory Requirements

1. Mandatory Briefing (Virtual):

Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. Failure to attend this briefing will render the Respondent ineligible to submit a response.
Respondents are required to attend a virtual briefing on Thursday 4 June 2020 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (AWST). Due to COVID-19 and the international interest in this request, the mandatory briefing meeting will be conducted by video conferencing.

You are required to confirm your intention to attend by contacting Michael Emery, Rangers and Community Safety Services manager on +61 (08) 6363 3745 or by email [email protected] no later than 4.00 pm (AWST) Tuesday 2 June 2020.


Respondents are required to address all requirements. Please ensure that you fully read and understand the conditions provided on the conditions of participation tab and in all documentation provided. Failure to comply shall deem your submission non-compliant.

This tender closes on June 25, 2020. You can find out more here.