Optex VX dual technology sensor from Hills.

Optex’s VX Infinity range from Hills is just what you would expect from an intrusion detection manufacturer which has been on the cutting edge of sensor technology for 40 years.

The infinity range has wired and wireless models and uses technology that combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwaves to boost the accuracy of the 12m by 90-degree adjustable sensor.

The VX Infinity range is easy to install and has a number of innovations that increase accuracy and lessen the likelihood of false alarms including SMDA Logic for advanced temperature compensation, and vegetations sway logic – a technology that ensures you don’t go to Defcon 5 over a branch in the wind.

You can further prevent false alarms by using the user-friendly masking seal to block areas that aren’t necessary. Motion sensors are integral to security, so go to the company with 40 years of experience.

* 12m by 90-degree flexible detection pattern adjustable to 5 ranges
* Weighs 500g (PIR) or 600g (dual technology)
* IP55 rated against weather and dust
* Active IR anti-masking for detecting covering objects (VXI-AM/DAM/RAM/RDAM only)
* Tough mod dual technology based on OPTEX gold-plated microwave module (VXI-R/RAM/RDAM only)
* SMDA logic for advanced temperature compensation and environmental noise immunity
* Easy masking for over spill prevention
* Double conductive shielding against bright light disturbance
* Conduit/TX-battery case for both wired and wireless-ready models.

Distributor: Hills
Contact: 1800 685 487