EOS has announced the launch of Uniarch brand powered by Uniview, targeting the cost-sensitive CCTV market.

According to Andrew Cho of EOS, Uniarch hits the entry-level surveillance market with brand-new IP products which feature “optimal price, reliable quality, and easiest-to-use”.

“With incredible performance and advanced features, Uniarch provides a whole solution to meet customers’ need for surveillance, whether they need high resolution or low illumination surveillance,” Cho said. “Meanwhile, Uniarch demonstrates what is ‘quality but simple’ – even untrained end users can operate its products.

“The Uniarch range includes IP cameras and video recorders that is the optimal option for the small-to-medium business applications such as residential, retail stores featuring Ultra 265, delivering a maximum 95 per cent bandwidth and storage reduction, wide dynamic range to ensure excellent images with significant foreground and background illumination difference, as well as, starlight illumination to obtain colourful images, even in low light environments.

“To offer a more complete solution, Uniarch also contains switch and monitor, making a complete Uniarch solution an ideal choice for residential smaller commercial applications. Uniarch has a totally new look, intuitive operation, is affordable and yet retains professional quality.”

Stocks are available from EOS Australia.