Inner Range has released Inception Version 3.3 which contains a host of new and user friendly features with the standouts being the integration of Nedap ANPR cameras and Nedap Door Free Access Control.

With Door Free Access Control users now have the ability to set a door to free entry or exit by simply double or triple badging that doors reader by simply enabling the Free Access Control option in the basic configuration. The ability to easily leave doors unlocked is a significant benefit for users of Inception and takes away many of the problems with setting strict time zones to perform actions such as unlocking the entrance door on a shop.

The Nedap integration also makes it very easy for installers to setup an advanced feature like ANPR by following a simple 2-step process of activating the NEDAP ANPR credential template within inception followed by adding the vehicle number plate to the users list of credentials.

Adding the NEDAP credential template…

Adding the number plate to the user…

In addition to the ANPR integration, Inception Version 3.3 adds automation. This can be used in numerous ways. It could be used to monitor how many vehicles have entered a car park and then restrict access once a certain capacity has been reached using NEDAP ANPR cameras, or by counting the number of people who entered by badging a standard reader. It could also be used to count how many times a room has been entered and then notify staff that cleaning is required.

According to Inner Range, users of Inception for integration and automation will be very pleased to see the introduction of the the HTTP Receive feature which allows third party devices to innitiate secure communication with Inception. The User Search page allows search and filter of user data based on attributes such as names, credentials and permissions. Meanwhile, Card Reader Triggers allow installers to perform automated actions for users in specific permission groups, and Timed Door Control from the web interface allows users to unlock doors for a configurable amount of time. There are also additional inputs and outputs on EliteX Terminals that can now be customised.

For more detailed information you can download the release notes from the Inner Range website or call your local distributor.