Suprema Face Station 2 from ICT.

ICT is now offering a range of Suprema biometric devices that integrate with Protege access control systems.

Biometric credentials provide access based on who people are rather than what they have in their possession. The ability to enter a building by simply scanning a unique fingerprint or facial pattern not only enhances security, it makes access control more convenient than ever.

The BioEntry W2 comes with a robust, vandal-resistant housing and can withstand a high level of impact. Coupled with IP67 ingress protection, the BioEntry W2 is designed for outdoor applications. The reader’s Advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology uses dual light source imaging for improved accuracy and security.

Meanwhile, FaceStation 2 is a smart face recognition terminal powered by Suprema’s latest facial recognition algorithm and a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU. FaceStation 2 has IR illumination and optical technology that adapts to the environment, enabling accurate authentication regardless of lighting conditions.

According to ICT, enrolment is quick and easy – users scan their fingerprint (or face) at an enrolment reader. The reader uses the scanned data to create a biometric template, including a card number, which it sends to the ProtegeGX Server. ProtegeGX then sends this template to any other Suprema readers that are attached to the system so the user only needs to enrol once.