Security installation companies are now able to sign up to the Inner Range Skycommand portal and be instantly able to offer their customers the full range of Multipath-IP T4000 4G monitored products which can connect to almost any major brand of intruder alarm on the market.

The ease of access to the platform gives security companies the opportunity to instantly offer their clients cutting edge monitoring solutions with redundancy as well as generate recurring revenue for themselves in the process. This is all made possible by the addition of a credit card payment facility, which means as soon as you update your payment method, your account will allow you to commission Multipath-IP devices.

“Being a part of the Inner Range group means that the Multipath-IP business has a deep understanding of the requirements of the security market, which is why we constantly update our platform with the latest advancements,” says Inner Range’s Jason Hartley.

Multipath-IP offers various devices which can be monitored via Skycommand at a price which is astonishing. Even the fully featured T4000X 4G enabled remote alarm system by Multpath-IP is comparable to a regular domestic intruder alarm system.

The T4000x is configured and controlled via the Skycommand mobile application. The T4000x does not require complex programming as the inputs are pre-programmed with sensible defaults. Simply wire a sensor to an input and the T4000x will auto enable the input for reporting.

The T4000x has 8 inputs and 8 outputs and can be used as either an intruder alarm or as a 4G sensing and control device for things such as remote opening of gates, monitoring commercial cool rooms and many more applications. The T4000x is also ideal for solar applications due to its low current draw of 110ma.

The biggest difference between the T4000x and a regular intruder alarm is that there is no keypad. It is controlled through the app on a smart phone or watch so there is no need to try to find a location to install a code pad in those remote locations.

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To purchase Multipath-IP devices please contact CSD on 1300 319 499