Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera (ADC-V723) offer installers’ customers an outdoor camera with high-quality live video, recorded video clips, and smarter video alerts with the ADC-V723.

“With a wide field of view, night vision, and high dynamic range (HDR), the ADC-V723 lets your customers see what’s important – no matter the time of day or lighting conditions,” says “Video analytics can detect and alert your customers of any person, vehicle, or animal on their property. With video analytics, your customers can know when:

* A person enters the yard, but not animals
* A car pulls into the driveway at night, but not when it drives past
* When pets get on the sofa, but not when they are walking around the room
* When someone loiters outback, but not when a delivery is being made
* When a person accesses the wine and liquor closet, but not other storage areas.

“Additionally, customers can even use video analytics to trigger light automation like turning on an outdoor Z-Wave light when a person is detected in on their property. Customers can also pair with an stream video recorder for 24/7 local recording or with an security system for cloud-based alarm and sensor-triggered clip recordings.