Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), a leading gunshot detection solutions provider has launched its Guardian Direct Connect solution in the U.S.

This new capability is enabled by the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System’s sensors and will instantly send gunshot alerts directly to a central station monitoring service, without any hosted software required on the customer premises, according to the company.

Guardian Direct Connect can be installed temporarily or on a permanent basis as needed and SDS says Guardian Direct Connect offers those customers who may not want to host software with a complete, turnkey system they can connect to a central monitoring station.

Gunshot alerts are automatically sent to the central station monitoring centre, instantly displaying shot location information to the operator. The monitoring service then initiates a series of calls to a customer’s defined protocol with points of contact, including the dispatch of local law enforcement to the scene.

The automated alerting process saves valuable response time while providing first responders detailed information on the location of where shots were fired within the building, so they can strategically and immediately direct their efforts to mitigate the threat, according to the company.

“The active shooter threat is continually evolving,” says Christian Connors, CEO of SDS. “As we have seen in recent events, tensions and fears surrounding COVID-19 have incited gun violence. This system allows customers to get a gunshot detection system set up quickly and be protected the same day.”

With Guardian Direct Connect, the Guardian Gateway software is hosted at the central monitoring station location which receives regular heartbeat messages from Guardian sensors at the customer site. If any sensors have health or status issues requiring service, the central station automatically receives an alert and can notify the pre-determined onsite contacts so they can quickly resolve the issue.

Direct Connect is also available to customers as a mobile system to protect indoor threat areas as they arise, or to protect busy executives on the move at indoor events.