AST has recently finished work on a new high-level interface between Gallagher access control systems and the Morse Watchman KeyWatcher electronic key management solution.

Using the latest Gallagher Version 8.20 Command Centre REST API and KeyMaaS REST API, the new interface now allows management of all KeyWatcher systems through Gallagher Command Centre.

Some of the significant improvements that are available with this new interface include:

* Support around interfacing different generations and models of KeyWatchers. Both the KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch products can be used consecutively through the support of a dual platform.

* Support around mapping SmartKey, Key Group and User profiles with Command Centre Access groups which in turn allows for complete database management through Command Centre

* Support around multi profiling where multiple access groups can be assigned to a cardholder – using the competency features available in Command Centre, anti-egress, and anti-pass back rules may be applied to the removal and return of SmartKeys.

* All events and alarms triggered at the KeyWatcher are automatically distributed to the Gallagher Command Centre Event Viewer and Alarm Viewer respectively using REST functionality.

Distributor: AST
Contact: [email protected]