Previously known as PACOM Pro, PACOM, EVOnet and EVOHD in Australia, IDIS has been a pioneer in the industry for over 20 years, offering exciting innovations to Hills’ customers. In the future, these product ranges will all carry the IDIS name.

“Hills is proud to be the exclusive distributor of IDIS in Australia and New Zealand,” said Hills’ IDIS representative, Anitha Bellary. “It’s a great opportunity to build on the success of PACOM and EVOnet and add further value to integrators with innovations such as the IDIS total surveillance solution.”

According to Bellary, the IDIS total surveillance solution is an end-to-end, high quality offering that is user-friendly, flexible, scalable, and offers unrivalled performance, quality, and low total cost of ownership. IDIS has also developed IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA), which represents a new paradigm for video surveillance.

IDLA leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning to accurately monitor images, events and scenes that are easily missed by human operators, as well as enabling highly intuitive smart search functionality. Meanwhile, IDIS products are designed and manufactured with a commitment to quality, which allows them to offer an industry leading 7-year warranty on NVRs and HD-TVI recorders and 5 years on IP cameras.

With headquarters and manufacturing facilities just outside of Seoul, IDIS operates across 50 countries and has developed solutions for a number of local councils and education institutes across Australia, as well as major retails, healthcare facilities, and an iconic Australian casino.