Bosch 3000 alarm panel, sensors and ancillieries.

Seadan Group said yesterday it has ended its distribution agreement with Risco and Risco alarm products will no longer be stocked by Seadan and Sprint stores. Instead, the company’s focus for alarm products will be with Bosch.

“We feel that this is a common-sense decision which has been made by the entire group,” said Blake Buckland, group general manager Seadan Group. “We see the Bosch alarm and intrusion detection range as second to none – in our opinion it has won the respect of the entire industry for good reason – Bosch’s entire range of products is proven and solid.

“Bosch is a global leader in this space, utilising a clean channel management structure which backs both the wholesaler and the integrator. They respect the route to market which is important to the Seadan Group and our customers. However, the most beneficial part about Bosch is that it is locally sourced,” Buckland said.

“Because of this, our customers are able to receive product in no time at all, even in large quantities. With a stock package of around $A1 million across the Seadan Group network, customers will be able to access Bosch alarm products quickly and easily.

“The Seadan Group is committed to continuing to support the manufacturers and suppliers who support the wholesaler and the integrator, and to closing any gaps in our offering through existing experience and relationships where necessary.”