Dan Cunningham and Wade Anderson, in the QPS PCC.

Bravis Security has developed a real-time network device monitoring solution that is being used to protect high security users, including Queensland Police Service.

“Our real-time network device monitoring across the PCC sites provides live status information of the complete site and ensures immediate notification of any devices that are not functioning correctly and/or have failed,” said Wade Anderson of Bravis.

“This real-time system provides our field teams with instant information to address issues prior to them becoming severe or catastrophic. The various components that we actively manage are LAN infrastructure including servers, network switches, workstations, CPU load and PING, uptime reporting of critical infrastructure, real-time monitoring of critical infrastructure and a 15-minute remote response time for any high priority alarms.”

Any issues on the network can be reported and resolved in minutes.

According to Anderson, the Bravis service and support team utilise the Bravis Network Device Monitoring portal to keep high-security infrastructure operational 24/7 while reducing the overall costs of our service contracts.

“The portal pushes critical information through to our monitored email address, the portal mobile app and onto our service teams Apple Watch in real-time upon which the on-call technician will address the needs as required. This in turn reduces the need to send a technician every month or quarter for the sake of checking on devices, as we do this remotely in a much more effective manner,” he said.

“Typically, with real world events and alerts, within minutes of receiving the alert, the issue is addressed, and any risks mitigated.”