Gallagher Command Centre and Milestone XProtect have a bi-directional integration that allows either to be the front-end system, giving operators the ability to confidently manage incidents on site in a way that suits them.

Gallagher software versions interfaced to: Command Centre v7.40 or later (to utilize all interface features ensure you are using the most current version)

Features and benefits include the ability to respond to events and alarms in either system, events and alarms actioned in one system will automatically be updated in the other, providing a single source of truth and access granted decisions will include those based on license plate recognition.

Gallagher operators can:

* View video associated with alarms
* Milestone alarms include motion detection and other analytics
* Gallagher alarms include duress, forced door, and perimeter etc
* Steam footage in H.265
* Pan, tilt and zoom the camera
* Capture an image of the current frame
* Challenge access requests (approve/deny)

Milestone operators can:

* Acknowledge and process Gallagher events just like other Milestone events
* View and open Command Centre doors
* View Command Centre cardholder images and personal data fields in Milestone for synchronized cardholders.