C.R. Kennedy has been appointed official ANZ distributor for RISCO Group.

RISCO Group, formerly ROKONET, is a global company with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Israel, backed by a 5-year warranty, which manufactures a range of high security intrusion, video, access control and automation solutions for the residential SMB and SME markets.

RISCO Group solutions are powered by its secure RISCO cloud which resides on the MS Azure global business platform and is certified to ISO27001, and the latest GDRP standards.

The powerful iRISCO app and cloud platform allows for seamless integration between alarm, CCTV and automation on the one app giving end users simplicity. The company is particularly strong in detection devices and visual verification, with integration into leading monitoring stations across ANZ.

“Winning distribution of RISCO is an important step in our process of building a capable intrusion, visual verification, access control and automation portfolio and we are thrilled by potential of the RISCO range,” said CRK’s Darren Banks.

“As well as highly capable 2-way wireless panels and intrusion detections devices, RISCO specialises in alarm video verification, allowing elimination of false alarms,” Banks said.

“The iRISCO app is intuitive and extremely powerful and is constantly evolving – the backend is all about empowering RISCO’s high quality hardware.”

According to Banks, the app has enormous functionality as well as neat features that allow arming and disarming by partition on a single app for up to 250 sites. The app has a panic/hold up feature and offers seamless ability for end users to switch between their alarm and CCTV on the one platform, making it extremely efficient when verifying and handling alarm events.”

“The solution also allows users to receive alerts, view history, view images, stream live video, and playback NVR footage. Monitoring services can be initiated on demand or be deactivated from the app, while visual verification alerts only transmit to a monitoring station when in alarm.” Banks said.

The app allows activation of smart home devices or outputs. Customers can record video directly to their smart phone – if they have live view and the camera is on in an alarm situation, they can capture video footage upload it safely to the cloud. The app also handles maintenance and faults, which benefits installers and/or monitoring stations.”

According to Banks, CRK has stock on the shelves right now.