Integriti by Inner Range now has the ability to track the location and safety of people and assets in real time through its recently completed integration with Bosch Security Escort.

Real time live tracking through Bosch Security Escort allows Integriti users to perform complex automations based on the location of the assets or people being tracked. There is also the ability to receive and act on man-down alerts and lanyard pull events within Integriti.

This integration is especially useful for aged care, health care, universities, museums, correctional facilities, or any other location where tracking people or expensive assets is important. When this integration is combined with the large number of other Integriti integrations, hundreds of scenarios are possible.

In a scenario of a person with a transmitter entering a large manufacturing area, their location can be narrowed down to within a 7.5m accuracy. This information can be utilised for incident response, investigative purposes, or to track people who have tailgated through an access control door. The Integriti user can then use location information to trigger CCTV cameras, control doors, or make an announcement over an integrated PA system. These features can also be used to track visitors to ensure they remain in approved areas within the facility.

Another use case is to protect important assets such as an expensive piece of artwork. Integriti is able to Auto Poll a transmitter attached to the artwork via the integration. Once a position change event is detected multiple actions can be triggered such as turning on all lights in the area, locking all doors, activating a siren, and automatically displaying CCTV cameras in the control room.

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